In addition to providing grants to enable seniors to live a more secure and stress-free life, our volunteers have a wide range of expertise as well as connections to other professional agencies which could be valuable in helping to work through some of the more difficult situations that arise with advancing years.

Our Services

Assistance in the home

Cleaning, laundry, shopping, gardening

Understanding the French administration

Applications to the Social Services, claiming State entitlements, contacting the Fiscal authorities, obtaining a Carte Vitale

Linking to other charities

Directing to other charitable foundations that may be able to give financial support

Connecting to counselling

Connecting to counselling in the event of loss or bereavement

Access to Consular Services

Access to Consular Services

Domestic Pet Care

Arranging care for a domestic pet in the event of temporary incapacity or hospitalisation

Organising transport

Organising transport to appointments or social occasions

Computer help & assistance

Providing assistance and help with computers

Medical Aids

Due to the generosity of our donors, Riviera Lifeline has acquired a selection of Mobility Aids and Medical Equipment.

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Our grants service aims to provide financial help to relieve the stress and worry often experienced by those living on a low income.

A typical recipient will be:

There are currently three types of grants available to those who fulfill our Application Criteria.

In order for us to assess your needs, we will ask you to provide us with information related to your current financial and personal situation. This information will be strictly confidential and only available to the Executive Committee and your details will be kept in a secure file storage system.

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